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Call For Papers: NEMLA 2014

UPDATE: I received several excellent abstracts and have selected three. They are:

  • Rebecca Freeh-Maciorowski, “Nabokov’s Crosswords of Composition”
  • Lyndsay Miller, “Vladimir Nabokov’s Extra-Textual Revisions”
  • Simon Rowberry, “‘Efface, expunge, erase, delete, rub out, wipe out, obliterate’: Nabokov’s composition TOoL”

Should be an excellent panel! Thanks to all who submitted. –MR


I am hoping to sponsor a panel at the 2014 NEMLA conference, in Harrisburg, PA (April 3-6). Please see the CFP below and email me your abstract by September 30!!

Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Composition
This panel invites papers focused on Vladimir Nabokov and the art of composition. This panel will consider all aspects of Nabokov’s writing process, including the question of how his approach came to shape both the form and subject of his novels; his approach to revision; and the relationship of his methods to larger theories of composition. Please email a one-page abstract to Matthew Roth, Messiah College, mroth@messiah.edu.

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Slightly Warped

Today I happened upon this quote from one of André Gide‘s journals:

I should like events never to be related directly by the author, but instead exposed (and several times from different vantages) by those actors who will be influenced by those events. In their account of the action I should like the events to appear slightly warped; the reader will take a sort of interest from the mere fact of having to reconstruct. The story requires his collaboration in order to take shape properly. — Journal of “The Counterfeiters

This seems very much akin to Nabokov’s compositional method and nicely expresses the collaborative pleasure many Nabokophiles get from his novels.

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