Dr. Matthew Roth

Messiah College, English Department, Box 3017, One College Ave., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


2002                     PhD, English      University of North Texas, Denton, TX

1996                 MFA, Creative Writing (Poetry)     Wichita State University, Wichita, KS.

1992                      BA, English Literature     Houghton College, Houghton, NY.



2002-Present         Associate Professor, English Department (Chair, 2012-present)

Messiah College, Grantham, PA

2000-2002             Teaching Fellow, English Department,

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

1997-98                     Adjunct Instructor, English Department,

Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

1993-96                      Teaching Fellow, English Department,

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS




Bird Silence: Poems (Woodley Press, 2009)                 



Occasional Hats (Scramble Press, 2001)

Without Us (Myth Press, 2013)


Poetry in anthologies:

“No Mark,” Old Flame (WordFarm Press, 2012): 68.

“Carlotta’s Fire,” Alchemical Proofs (Basilisk Press, 2001): 14.


Poetry in journals:

“Resurrection Day,” Rock and Sling, forthcoming

“Man and Crumb: Ars Poetica,” Mount Hope Magazine, forthcoming

“Tether,” Mount Hope Magazine, forthcoming

“My Father Goes Out with a Chain in His Hand,” Ruminate 25 (2012): 24.

“Randkluft,” Iron Horse Literary Review (Spring 2012): 8.

“Devil’s Lake,” 14 Magazine (Spring 2012): 79.

“The Quiet One,” 32 Poems (Spring/Summer 2011): 7.

“Essay,” Stonework 4 (Spring 2007) (online)

“Calling,” Stonework 4 (Spring 2007) (online)

“How Memory Works,” Stonework 4 (Spring 2007) (online)

“Kansas,” Stonework 4 (Spring 2007) (online)

“Louisiana,” Stonework 4 (Spring 2007) (online)

“Easter Morning,” American Literary Review  17.2 (Fall 2006): 89-.

“Jonah,” Blue Mesa Review 18 (Fall 2006): 60.

“Burial Amulet with Twin Figures,” Blue Mesa Review 18 (Fall 2006): 61.

“Suite for Four Seasons,” 32 Poems 4.1 (Spring/Summer 2006): 18.

“No Mark,” 32 Poems 4.1 (Spring/Summer 2006): 17.

“Therapy: A Pantoum,” Passages North 25.1 (Winter/Spring 2004): 195-.

“My Billy Collins,” Passages North 25.1(Winter/Spring 2004): 193-.

“From the Stamp Collection of P. Monk,” Minnesota Review 61-62 (2004): 49.

“Money,” Minnesota Review 61-62 (2004): 48.

“Marigolds,” Quarter After Eight 10 (2004): 157.

“Occasional Hats,” Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics 1 (2003): 95.

“Edema,” 32 Poems 1.1 (2003): 31.

“Lyssipan Proportions,” Verse 19.1-2 (2002): 82.

“The Descent,” Fence 4.2 (2002): 102.

“Mortuary Fish,” Phoebe 30.1 (2001): 76.

“The Samson Chronicles,” Karamu 17:1 (2000): 130.

“Fiddler on the Roof,” Quarter After Eight 6 (2000): 29.

“Tooly’s Regards,” Quarter After Eight 6 (2000): 30.

“Centrally Located,” Columbia Poetry Review 12 (1999): 84.

“Lucky Day,” Poetry Motel 26 (1998): 45.

“The Natural World,” The Antioch Review 55.4 (1997): 460.

“Notes for an Invitation,” American Literary Review 8:1 (1997): 107.

“The Rumor Mill,” American Literary Review 8:1 (1997): 106.

“Why: A New Hampshire Reverie,” Potato Eyes 15/16 (1997): 3.

“A Few Notes on the Poem to Follow,” South Ash Press 7.10 (1997): 5.

“In an Occupied Land,” South Ash Press 7.10 (1997): 6.

“Word of the Dead President,” South Ash Press 7.10 (1997): 8.

“Building at Night,” The Coe Review 26 (1996): 132.

“Europa,” The Coe Review 26 (1996): 131.

“My Conversion,” The Coe Review 26 (1996): 130.

“Directions,” Mikrokosmos 42 (1996): 17.

“Creed to be Spoken in a Liturgical Service Celebrating the Engine of Progress,”

     Mikrokosmos 41 (1995): 73.

“Country Music,” Plainsongs 15.3 (1995): 31.



Curtains: A Play in One Act (excerpt), Mikrokosmos 42 (1996): 102.



“John Shade’s Duplicate Selves: An Alternative Shadean Theory of Pale Fire.” Co-Authored with

Tiffany DeRewal. Nabokov Online Journal (Vol. 3, 2009)



“Glimmers of Shelley in John Shade’s Verse.” The Nabokovian 60 (Spring 2009)

“A Source of Character Names in Pale Fire.”  The Nabokovian 59 (Fall 2007): 5-9.

“Three Allusions in Pale Fire.”  The Nabokovian 58 (Spring 2007): 53-60.

“Dallas Wiebe, Cheryl Denise, and Shari Wagner,” Review of three books of poetry in Brethren in Christ History & Life 28.3 (2005)

“Ann Hostetler,” Review of Empty Room with Light, in Brethren in Christ History & Life 26.3 (2003)

“Prose Poetry as an Inclusive Tool,” in 2001 Creative Writing/Creative Teaching: Pedagogy Forum Handbook (2001 AWP Conference).



“Annotating Pale Fire: An Unbounded Education.” Paper presented for panel “Pale Fire at Fifty” at

the national conference of the Modern Language Association, Seattle, WA, January 8, 2012.

“Unmaking the Made: The Paradox of the Female Quest in Alice Notley’s The Descent of Alette

and Disobedience.” Paper presented for panel “The Female Quest(ion)” at the 41st Annual

Comparative Literature and Classics Conference at CalState-LongBeach, March 10, 2006.

“One Time Only: Gertrude Stein, the Postmodern Lyric and Self-Erasing Cybertexts.”  Paper

presented for panel “Gertrude Stein and the Future” at Northeast Modern Language

Association Conference, Boston, MA, March 7, 2003

Panelist and Reader, “Contemporary Poetry and the Absurd,” Central New York Conference on

Language and Literature, SUNYCollege at Cortland, Cortland, NY, October 29, 2002

Panelist, Creative Writing/Creative Teaching Pedagogy Forum, AWP Conference,

Palm Springs, CA, April 2001



University of West Georgia Reading Series, Carrollton, GA, October 11, 2012

Houghton College Writing Festival, Houghton, NY, October 20-21, 2011

Pittsburgh State Reading Series, Pittsburg, KS, February 15, 2010

Oil City Reading Series, Emporia State University, Emporia, KS,  February 14, 2010

Iron Horse Literary Review Reading Series, Texas Tech University, October 28, 2010

Mohawk Valley Community College Cultural Series, Rome, NY, September 14, 2006

Wildwood Writers’ Festival 2004, Harrisburg (PA) AreaCommunity College, April 1, 2004

32 Poems Premiere Reading, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, D.C., June 18, 2003

Scramble Press Chapbook Prize Reading, Brickhaus Café, Denton, TX, October 19, 2001      

Arts and Letters Live Reading Series, Sponsored by DallasMuseum of Art, Club Dada, Dallas, TX, March 2001



Modern Language Association

Northeast Modern Language Association

Academy of American Poets

Vladimir Nabokov Society


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